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5 THINGS TO DO Before Major Home Renovations

No matter how well you conserve or take care of your house, renovation is inevitable after every few years. First and foremost, home renovations enhance the aesthetics of your home. They add a feeling of newness in the same space and make it more attractive and functional for the family.

A home remodeling project increases your asset value, specifically if you concentrate on rebuilding the main areas such as kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor spaces. If you decide to change the way your home looks, a simple carpet change or a new sofa set can do the trick. However, when it comes to a whole-house renovation, it’s an entirely different matter. You can’t just start it off simple. You need to be aware of the real-world realizations regarding your project and then carry out detailed planning to achieve the desired results.

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So, before diving right into the whole house renovation, follow these 5 essential steps to be prepared and spare yourself some of the headaches:

1. Set a Goal

To avoid any surprises or structural disasters, you must set a goal for the whole house renovation. Whether you know it or not, rebuilding a home is much more than materials and labor. Your vision and correct execution play a vital role in how you want your home to look. Start by doing some window shopping at the home stores, read magazines, or browse online to know your style.

Find out what kind of houses you like, what interiors will look good according to the latest trends, and what new technology will make your home more functional. For example, if you are totally against moving from one place to another, renovate your home in a way that you create enough space for everyone, especially if you have a growing family.

If you are renovating your home to sell it at a better price, contacting an experienced real estate agent will turn out to be beneficial. A real estate agent will give you a better idea of what is trending or what type of houses draw attention in that particular area.

Decisions like these will help you achieve the desired home without wasting time, money, or energy.

2. Set a Budget

Overspending just because you like something is not the right thing to do if you want to renovate your house in the right way! Checking on your budget is a smart thing to do before you make up your mind. However, you have to be more practical in some cases if you do not want to run out of all the cash, just to impress others. The cost of whole house renovation can quickly balloon out of control even before you know it, which is why you must discuss it with your builder.

Get quotes from at least four to five builders to get a clear idea of your precise requirements. Discuss the budget, costs, and flexibility you have with your builder. Also, do not forget the additional costs of labor, material, storage, and council permits. You can also apply for a home loan.

3. Pick the Best in Market

The most crucial part of the whole house renovation is to find the architect, contractor, or interior designer, who would be the best for your work. A home renovation professional will save you both, time and money. Think of all the jobs for which your builder is responsible and list as many questions as you can. Then, ask your builder to answer them to understand everything in detail. Starting from asking for a valid license to the project timeline, you should be aware of everything that might go wrong at the last moment. Check your builder’s credentials to find out if there are any cases filed against him. Most importantly, always sign a contract and avoid one-time payments.

4. Avoid Overcapitalizing

According to experts, you shouldn’t spend more than 10 percent of your home’s value on renovation. The duration of your stay determines whether you should put in a certain amount of money in the whole house renovation or not. Though it is perfectly okay to create enough space in your home for every individual, building more bedrooms or bathrooms when you know you won’t be living there in the coming years is purely overcapitalizing.

5. Keep Tabs on Paperwork

So what if you have hired a builder for the whole house renovation, keeping a track of costs and timelines is your job to do to stay updated on what is going on in a project. Always keep all the receipts, contracts, and invoices safe so there won’t be any surprises in your account. It also helps you to monitor if the project is running smoothly.

Even if you are leading the whole project by yourself, maintain a diary of what has happened on-site each day. It will help you track the usage of materials, deliveries, specific dates of payments, and more. Ask your builder about the insurance and what does it cover. Also, build a buffer into your budget to overcome any hidden or unexpected costs.

The Bottom Line

Planning the whole house renovation process with the right mindset and following the above five stunning tips can get you started on the right foot. If you face any trouble during the renovation process, don’t get terrified. Consult an experienced real estate agent or your builder. When you are ready with the plan, BGH Construction will be here to walk you down the road of homebuilding. We have a dedicated team and experience of more than 30 years in the construction field. Honest, reliable, and trustworthy, BGH Construction will never disappoint you!