Custom Extensions

Enhance your living space by extending your beloved home and give your property a new lease of life.

Home extensions give you an abundance of possibilities to add value to your home’s architectural design. In most instances, opting for a custom house extension is the easier choice, thanks to the enormous benefits that it offers. It is a perfect way to add that extra space without going through the daunting task of selling your current home and moving to a new one.

As one of the best custom home extension builders, we have helped countless homeowners meet the needs of their growing families and chisel the home of their dreams. Whether you wish to add a first-floor extension or want to go for a second-story addition, we can help make it work best for you with our expertise, resources, and unwavering passion to deliver the best homes.

Single-Storey Extensions

It is one of the best ways to transform your home by making the most of the available space. They are relatively simple to plan and easy to execute. Whether you wish to create extra living space, turn your kitchen into a kitchen-dining area, or simply maximize the natural lighting in your home, you can go for a single-story extension. It’s a great way to improve your home layout and make it more functional and practical.

Second-Storey Extension

At times, a single-story extension is not enough to meet the needs of a growing family. Second-story extensions, though more costly and elaborate, can bring immeasurable worth to your home by giving your family the extra space to live. Second story addition is an ideal solution for homes where extending outwards is not possible. As the best home extension company, we help our clients through the design process and building approvals with our 5-Step Process.

Double and Multi-Storey Extensions

If you wish to add space downstairs, as well as upstairs, you can opt for double or multi-story extensions. They can transform the look and the functionality of your home by maximising the usable floor space. While they are more expensive, they are a cost-effective option. With so much costly structural items already in place, you spend less per square meter.

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