Whole Home Remodel

Umina Beach, NSW 2257

Joanne had a brilliant idea to maximise her investment potential by transforming her spacious garage into a granny flat that she could rent out. The garage was simply sitting there, unused and waiting for a purpose. With our building expertise, we took on the challenge of converting it into a valuable asset for Joanne.

Taking advantage of the existing slab, we completed a whole remodel of the garage, turning it into a fully functional and appealing granny flat. Our skilled team constructed a new frames, pad footings, and designed a new floor system. The addition of sturdy walls, a well-crafted scallion roof, and stylish cladding breathed new life into the structure, creating an inviting and visually pleasing space.

One of the main challenges we faced was to work with the existing structure while staying within Joanne’s budget. We knew it was essential to maximise the available resources and minimise costs without compromising the quality and functionality of the granny flat. Through our ingenuity and expertise, we found innovative solutions to overcome these challenges, ensuring that Joanne’s vision could be realised while staying within the budgetary constraints.

Joanne was overjoyed by the results, seeing that was truly rewarding. We delivered the project in a timely manner, meeting all deadlines, and bringing her vision to life. The granny flat perfectly matched Joanne’s expectations, reflecting her unique style and preferences. The end result was a stunning granny flat that Joanne could proudly rent out and enjoy the financial benefits it brought to her pocket.

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