Home Additions + Major Renovations

Warners Bay, NSW 2282

Homeowners Craig and Lyn resided in a 1940s cottage-styled home. After spending 15 years in their beloved house, they came to a realisation – it was time for a change. The outdated and run-down state of their home was no longer satisfactory, and they sought a solution to transform it into a space they could truly enjoy.

Craig and Lyn were initially considering renovating their home with the intention of selling it. They were referred to BGH Construction by a satisfied past client. However, after engaging in a conversation with Blake, they experienced a shift in their perspective. They decided to stay and turn their current house into a place they could love and feel proud of. With many grandchildren and a desire for a more accommodating family living space, Craig and Lyn had a clear vision in mind.

The project involved a comprehensive renovation and redesign of the entire home. The primary objectives were to create additional living space, add a second bedroom, update the kitchen and bathroom, and address the inconvenient arrangement of the existing toilet under the old verandah roof with a cold concrete floor. The clients also expressed their desire to open up the entertainment area and dining space, making it more inviting and suitable for hosting their family gatherings.

BGH Construction took on the task of assisting Craig and Lyn with all aspects of the project. This included providing designs, developing plans, and obtaining necessary approvals. The result was a remarkable transformation of their home. The outdated and cramped areas were revitalized, and the newly designed spaces were a perfect fit for the clients’ needs and desires. A brand new kitchen now serves as a hub for family meals and gatherings, while the updated bathroom offers modern comfort and convenience. The addition of a second bedroom and the removal of the inconvenient toilet location have greatly improved the functionality and flow of the house.

Craig and Lyn are absolutely thrilled with the outcome of their home transformation. They are deeply grateful for the dedication and expertise of Blake and his entire team at BGH Construction. They can finally soak up the benefits of living in a cottage-style home with modern comfort. The project has successfully turned their house into a warm and welcoming space that meets their current and future needs.

They are grateful for the positive impact this renovation has had on their lives, and they look forward to creating lasting memories in their beautifully transformed forever home.

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