Questions You Should Be Asking Before Hiring a Home Builder

Building a home is a significant investment. So what is it all about? Incredibly exciting yet pretty stressful, the process of building a dream home is everyone’s priority. After all, you will want to get to your peaceful abode, where you can feel at home after an exhaustive day at work. Right? However, finding a home that fits all your requirements starting from design, surroundings, architecture, and more, can be a nerve-wracking task. That is why you will need the right custom home builder for the job. You will need someone who will use his expertise in the home building process, while also incorporating your ideas to the same.

Not everyone may be aware of the fact that there is something about building a home that requires something more than just attention. Starting from choosing the right place, gathering necessary documents, to the house-warming party, managing everything is a complicated affair. Now, if you are considering building a new custom home for your family, you should determine the right factors. Other than inquiring about the cost and time duration, there is much more that you must ask your home builder about before moving any further.

To help you a little in this home building process, we have compiled 7 important things to ask before hiring a custom home builder:

Question 1: For how long have they been working in this industry?

Experience is a critical factor in the world of construction. Experience is a major confidence-building factor when making such a huge investment. To flaunt an impressive reputation, builders often add a fake company history or track record to their resume, especially if they are trying to grab a big project. Therefore, a little research on your own goes a long way! Gather enough knowledge to evaluate the level of work your potential home builders do and do a bit of your own investigation for a double sense of security. Also, make sure that the custom home builder you hire is local or has at least been living in the area for a couple of years to guarantee a successful job.

Question 2: Do they have a license?

The most important and quick question to ask your custom home builder should be about the license. According to the law, custom home builders must have a valid license and insurance. The builders’ license is a sure shot proof of their work and reliability, whereas the insurance guarantees no general liability. Before you sign the dotted line, make sure that you check your builder’s license in order to prevent any deception, especially when you are not financing.

Question 3: What is included in the price?

To avoid any element of surprise such as hidden charges, this question is appropriate to ask your custom home builder. While most of the things are already outlined in the contract, it is always good to know certain things beforehand. It not only helps you plan your budget but also understands the builders’ policy. Make sure you ask questions like: Does the cost include drawings, designs, permits, appliances, and more?; Do your workers charge any daily wages separately?; Do you do the hard flooring?; and much more.

Question 4: Have they ever been asked to walk out of a project by the client?

The next important question to ask your home builder would be about any former disputes. This information is beneficial to prepare yourself for such an untoward situation. We are not suggesting that clashes are very frequent. However, if such a problem does arise, you should know whether your home builder is capable to handle such situations.

Question 5: Can you visit any of their ongoing projects or maybe see the photos of the completed ones?

There is nothing wrong with asking for the previous work samples or visiting the construction site. This question gives you a clear picture of what you need. Visiting construction sites on your own can help you get a perspective on a lot of factors. From the type of materials used, the work management process, or the accessibility to the location, you can evaluate everything. You can also see the pictures or designs of the completed homes to know if your builder can meet your expectations. Moreover, if you want to go the extra mile, you can take some time and track down their previous clients for reassurance.

Question 6: How much time would they take to complete a project?

Experienced custom home builders don’t overpromise and under-deliver. So, if you find a builder who is making unrealistic promises before asking your expectations or the kind of project you have in mind, it is likely that something is fishy. It is primary to know the correct timeline before the agreement so that you can track the progress or ask for any alteration.

Question 7: How do they communicate with your clients?

Communication is undoubtedly a key to a better outcome. As far as we know, you would not want to check on the contractors every week or stay in suspense about what might have happened? Therefore, you must ask your custom home builder to give you their correct contact details, whether it is email, phone number, or others. Questions like – Do they use any other mode of communication? How much time do they take to reply? Or if they have a separate team for the same? will help you get a better idea about their sense of commitment. Also, ask them if they are open to feedback all through the home construction process.

These are the most common questions that we, like home builders or custom home extensions, can suggest to you! If you have more questions that pop up along the way, make sure you list them all down and ask your home builder without any hesitation.

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