Custom Home Builder


Congratulations! You have finally decided to build a custom home for your family. We can anticipate how you have spent countless sleepless nights perusing home décor websites to get ideas or maybe create the sketches of the floor plan and choose color palettes for your living room. After all, home building is not an overnight task.

No matter how far you have reached in this research phase, we are glad that you are here today. We understand all the trouble you took to build a peaceful yet functional abode for your family. And therefore, we make it our mission to guide people like you who are moving forward step by step in this exciting custom home building journey.

In this post, we hope to provide you with valuable information to help you make your custom home building experience a pleasant one. From custom flooring, countertops, fixtures, ceilings to structural changes like an additional bedroom, outdoor lawn, or a garage, the upgrading options are endless, and the right people to help you with all these puzzling thoughts are custom design home builders. In case you have not thought about it, choosing a custom home builder is the most impactful decision that you ever have to make. It should be your priority because your relationship with your builder sets the tone for the entire custom home building experience.

Custom Home Design

Here, we have compiled 7 tips to follow, so as to choose a custom design home builder for your property:-

1. Price Shouldn’t Be Prime

Mostly, when people call builders for an introductory call, their first question usually remains the same. How much it’s going to cost? Price is undeniably a crucial factor while choosing a custom design home builder. Nevertheless, it is most likely that you will experience disappointment. Whether good or bad, no builder can give you an upfront price. You have to arrange a meeting, discuss your ideas, prepare designs only then, you can estimate the cost of the home. Also, try to find a flexible builder who can suggest different ways of designing a home without compromising on your needs and balances everything within the budget.

2. List Your Expectations

Before choosing a custom design home builder, you should be well aware of your expectations. Demanding more than what you are paying to your builder can make him unnecessarily irritable, and lifting your expectations more than the budget can lead you to great disappointment. Make a list of the factors you want to consider in the home building process and then ask yourself the questions. Do you want a full-time home builder? Or Do you want to handle the payments and orders on your own? For example, BGH Construction is a full-service custom design home builder who believes in complete transparency and honesty. We handle every project with sincerity and take care of the home building process from start to finish.

3. Ask About the Warranty

Based on your custom home design, warranties vary. Before handing over your dream project to the builder, don’t forget to inquire about warranty inclusions and exclusions and how do they handle claims. For example, most builders provide a third-party warranty, which may result in surprises. Make sure you communicate clearly with your custom design home builder before the project starts.

4. Judge On Quality

Unlike simpler homes, custom design homes offer a perfect opportunity to play with styles. All the reputed home builders have in-house designers who can help you customize your space in the exact way you want. But this shouldn’t be the deciding factor for choosing the custom design home builder. You should prioritize the quality as well. Focus on quality construction and craftsmanship for your custom home building. Read the reviews on the website or meet with the former customers for honest feedback.

5. Don’t Worry About Floor Plans

One of the stunning advantages of building custom design home is flexibility. You can change the floor plans anytime you want before the final blueprint. Choose a custom design home builder who can help you consider an array of factors and build the floor plan around your current and future needs.

6. Ask About the Changes

When you start building a new project, there are bound to be some changes along the way. Therefore, you should ask your builder to be transparent and tell you how they will manage these changes. Who will absorb the extra costs? Add more questions to stay ahead of time. Also, make sure you discuss these things on record to prevent any miscommunication.

7. Keep an Eye on False Recognitions

While certifications or accreditations you see in your builder’s portfolio may be legitimate, do not get fooled by awards like ‘Builder of The Year’ or ‘Best Promising Builder of Decade.’ Those trophies or decorations could be rented or awarded by unrecognized builder organizations and local magazines. Always ask around for authentic reviews to save yourself from being duped.

Summing Up

Understanding the clients and addressing their needs are the two foremost signs of being a good builder. Look for these qualities, in addition to the above-mentioned 7 tips when you are all out to choose a custom design home builder. At BGH Construction, we offer complete transparency, communication, and commitment to the clients. Reach out to us today to start the home building process on a favorable note.