Second Storey Extension

Dora Creek, NSW 2264

When Guy and Trish decided to pursue a second-story extension for their home, they faced initial challenges with their previous builder. Despite obtaining the necessary approval, they were dissatisfied with the unexpectedly high estimated quote. Seeking a better solution, they turned to Blake, who provided them with a comprehensive understanding of the project’s scopes of work and offered a fair price and professional approach.

The transformation began with the addition of a second storey extension at the back of their existing home, providing the privacy and room they had longed for. The extension featured a charming balcony that overlooked the vibrant neighborhood, adding a touch of elegance to the space.

However, the true gem of the project was the main bathroom. With its unique design elements, it became an oasis of relaxation for Trish. A specially crafted shower, adorned with a curved glass panel, became a stunning centerpiece. Luxurious herringbone tiles added a touch of sophistication, while an indulgent spa bath offered Trish the perfect retreat to unwind with a glass of white wine, embracing life’s precious moments.

During the project, we encountered specific challenges related to the site conditions. Water was present on both sides of the premises, necessitating the installation of screw piers to ensure a stable foundation for the second-story extension. In some areas, the depth of the screw piers exceeded the average, reaching as far as 24 meters, resulting in unforeseen costs. Despite these challenges, we diligently explored cost-effective solutions, working closely with Guy and Trish to find the most economical way to resolve the issue.

Trish and Guy eagerly embraced their new space, moving in as soon as it was complete. No longer confined to a small house, they get to thrive in joy of having a home tailored to their needs and desires.

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