Second Storey Addition + Major Renovations

Charlestown, NSW 2290

Maddy and Darren were longing for more space in their single-level home. They dreamed of expanding their living area to accommodate their growing family and create a delightful outdoor space for family events. Seeking professional guidance, they reached out to the renowned builder, Blake, to explore the possibility of building upward and transforming their home.

Blake and his team embarked on a journey to bring Maddy and Darren’s vision to life. Collaborating closely with his architect, they designed plans that would meet the couple’s aspirations. After several revisions and tweaks, they arrived at an outcome that delighted both homeowners and set the stage for an incredible transformation.

The transformation came in the form of a second-story addition and encompassed major renovations for both the interior and exterior of the house. Two additional bedrooms were added, providing ample space for Maddy and Darren’s growing family. The presence of a small living area on the second floor created a serene retreat, allowing them to unwind while enjoying panoramic views of the neighbourhood.

Following the plans and designs, Blake and his team set out to open up the downstairs area. By removing walls and reconfiguring the layout, they successfully transformed the kitchen and dining area into a spacious and inviting communal space. The focal point of the transformation was an extension that seamlessly blended the indoors with the outdoors with a mesmerizing alfresco area with lofty, raked ceilings.


The transformative project has breathed new life into their living space, igniting a sense of joy, comfort, and boundless possibilities. As they bask in the splendor of their revamped home, Maddy and Darren are forever grateful for Blake’s exceptional craftsmanship and the lasting impact it has had on their lives.

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