Extension + Major Internal Renovations

Lambton, NSW 2299

Paul and Laura approached Blake with a vision to renovate their outdated and inadequate house. With their upcoming at-home wedding on the horizon, they were determined to find a builder who could deliver the transformation within their desired timeframe. Blake, understanding their aspirations, committed to making their dream home a reality.


The project encompassed a complete interior remodel and an extension of the decking area. Paul and Laura desired an open and inviting atmosphere throughout the entire house. They wanted a new kitchen, a revamped ensuite, and fresh carpet throughout, all aimed at creating a cohesive and modern aesthetic.

The main challenge faced by our team was time. With the wedding reception scheduled to take place at their home, we had a strict deadline to meet. It was a tremendous push to ensure that everything was completed on time and within the allocated budget. However, we were pleasantly surprised to realise that we had accomplished the entire project within a remarkable two-month timeframe.

We made promises, and we delivered. The completion of their home brought immense relief to Paul and Laura. The stress that had weighed heavily on their shoulders was finally lifted. Despite the unexpected challenges, Blake’s determination prevailed, ensuring the project’s completion before Paul and Laura’s wedding. Now, the newly weds have a sanctuary to call their own—a place where they can enjoy quiet moments with their beloved pets and create cherished memories.

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