Kitchen Remodelling

Kotara, NSW 2290

Homeowner Jenny has lived in her home for a decade in the neighborhood of Kotara. Jenny was deeply attached to the location and had no desire to relocate. Despite her deep attachment to the location, there was one area of her house that had become a source of frustration – the kitchen.

The kitchen is where she spent countless hours indulging in her love for culinary creations, was in dire need of a transformation. With a refined and modern taste, Jenny yearned for a space that would reflect her unique style and accommodate her lifestyle. Determined to create a kitchen that matched her lifestyle, she embarked on a search for a builder who could bring her vision to life, and that’s when she found Blake.

The scope of work for this project was a complete kitchen remodel, aimed at providing Jenny with a functional and stylish culinary sanctuary. Working closely with Jenny, Blake and his team planned and executed the transformation, ensuring that every detail aligned with her tastes and preferences.

The outdated kitchen was completely remodelled, making room for exciting additions that catered to Jenny’s passion for baking and cooking. A double oven was installed, allowing her to indulge in her culinary experiments with ease. Timber cabinets were incorporated, providing ample space for organizing ingredients, tools, and cookware. And the crowning jewel of the kitchen – is the stunning kitchen marble island, which not only serves as a practical workspace but also adds an element of elegance to the entire room.

Since the completion of the kitchen remodel, Jenny’s daily life has been transformed. She now has a space that not only aligns with her sophisticated taste but also empowers her to explore her culinary skills to the fullest. The new kitchen serves as a hub of inspiration, where she can freely experiment with recipes, entertain loved ones, and create lasting memories.

Jenny is ecstatic about the outcome of the project and deeply grateful for Blake and his dedicated team. Their craftsmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to bringing her vision to life have made her dream kitchen a reality. With a renewed sense of joy and fulfillment, Jenny can now cook freely, knowing that her kitchen truly reflects her unique style and lifestyle.

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