Extension + Internal Renovations

Merewether, NSW 2291

Josh and Lisa were full of excitement to embarked on their renovation journey. They had a clear vision of opening up their space and were delighted to discover that we offered both design and build services. We assisted them with the design, plans, and obtaining all the necessary approvals.

Their project included a kitchen remodel and the removal of walls to make way for a new extension—a fabulous outdoor deck for their BBQ area.


Josh and Lisa were thrilled with the final outcome of their renovation. It exceeded their expectations and left them pleasantly surprised. The newly remodeled kitchen became a stunning focal point, combining functionality and aesthetic appeal. The removal of walls created a seamless flow and an open, spacious environment. The addition of the outdoor deck provided a perfect space for their BBQ area, enhancing their enjoyment of outdoor living.

Josh and Lisa expressed their gratitude for the support and assistance provided by Blake throughout the entire process. His expertise and guidance were invaluable in bringing their vision to life.

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